Location: Yellville, Ark. 

Owner: Chris Honeymann

History: Honeymann Tractor Parts started about five years ago. 

“We used to work on trucks, cars and tractors, then my building burnt, and we lost pretty much everything,” Chris Honeymann said, adding he thought salvage and sales would be a little less physically demanding for him. 

Products and Services: Honeymann Tractor Parts has more than 250 salvage tractors of various makes and models. 

“We also sell new parts, and used tractors and equipment, mostly older tractors,” Chris said. “We have all brands, even some stuff that we don’t know what it is. We have some neat old trucks and rare tractors.”

When a tractor or piece of equipment comes in, Honeymann Tractor evaluates it to see if it can be put back into working conditions or used for parts. 

“It’s fun finding the old tractors out in the weeds,” Chris said. “Sometimes we can get them running and sell them, but we part them out if they are too far gone. It saves them from the scrapper and saves a piece of history. It saves on the world’s carbon footprint by not needing to make a new part and keeps things recycled.”

Customers can find filters, gaskets, carburetors, bolts, pumps, air hitches, clutches, brackets, springs, loaders, starters, radiators, engine parts and blocks, wheels, grilles, steering wheels, mufflers, and many other types of tractor parts. Honeymann is also a dealer for Shocker Hitch, Steiner and Sparex products. Domestic and international shipping is available. Of all their products, Chris said the best sellers are quick-attach bale spears.

“We shipped a whole tractor to the Netherlands,” Chris said. “It was a big one.”

Chris said the Muir Hill tractor, which as manufactured in England, is unpopular in the United States, but has some demand in the European market. “I am into old tractors and it was the first one I had ever seen.” 

Chris said he is currently restoring a Ford Gold Demonstrator for his own collection, as well as a 350 Farmall Diesel.

Honeymann Tractor Parks works to offer their customers the best prices possible.

“We try to buy everything at a good price and then sell for a good price,” Chris said. 


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