Feed N Trade General Store in Fair Grove, Missouri is owned and operated by Adam and Keitha Hokanson. Photo by Julie Turner-Crawford.

Location: Fair Grove, Mo.

Owners: Adam and Keitha Hokanson

History: Dan Muse opened Feed-N-Trade in Fair Grove, Mo., in 1993, but decided earlier this year that it was time to retire. In April, Adam and Keitha Hokanson assumed ownership of the feed and farm supply store.

“This was Adam’s first job when he was 16,” Keitha said. “It’s all kind of come full circle for him. We bought a piece of property from Dan five or six years ago; we bought our feed here and have always kept in touch. Adam told him he would buy the store when he was ready to sell. Dan called and said he was ready, and we were shocked and super excited.”

While he’s no longer the owner, Dan often comes around to see the Hokansons and the store. 

Products and Services: Under the ownership of the Hokansons, Feed-N-Trade has expanded its product offerings. 

“We need more, but we need more building,” Adam said.

“We can feed cows, pigs, poultry, goats, horses and a handful of exotic feeds,” Keitha said. “We offer Purina, ADM, Preferred Livestock, Crescent Feeds, and a handful of feeds under the Feed-N-Trade brand.”

Feed-N-Trade-brand products were developed by Dan.

“We’ve kept those mixed and have added some game bird feeds,” Keitha said. “We also started carrying our own mineral made by a nutritionist.”

Feed-N-Trade customers can also order seed, pick up animal health supplies, such as dewormers, coolered vet supplies, fly sprays, and a “handful” of fencing supplies.

“We’re carrying Integra netwrap and John Deere netwrap,” Keitha said.

 For the dog owner, Victor, Diamond, Value Pack, Hi-Point and other brands are offered. There’s Diamond, Blue Flannel, Value Pack and Hi-Point for cats.

“We’ve also started to carry feed for rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs,” Keitha said, adding that several other pet supplies are available, such as collars and leashes. “We also have wild bird seeds, deer products, food plot mixes and horse treats.”

The couple also owns a lime truck and a custom haying operation, which have somewhat folded in with Feed-N-Trade. All feed, seed and other products are pickup only.

In the Future: While they have only begun their business, the Hokansons hope to continue expanding their product lines and the facility and that Keitha will be able to join the store full time.

“We want to build it so our daughter Ava can take over one day; that’s the goal,” Keitha said.  


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