Paige's Feed in Marionville, Missouri is owned by Paige Lasley. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Location: Marionville, Mo. 

Owner: Paige Lasley

History: When Paige Lasley needed a new location for her shoe and boot repair business, she expanded and incorporated her repair shop with a farm and supply store. 

Paige’s Feed opened in Marionville, Mo., in 2007.

“I’ve always had animals; cows and goats, but I had never been in the feed business,” Paige said, adding that Paige’s Feed took over another feed store, which started in around 2002. 

“I carry Purina feed,” she explained. “I have feed for cattle, horses, sheep/goats, poultry and rabbits. I also carry some minerals.

“In dog food, I carry Victor and Hi-Point. I’ve got some pet supplies, bird feed, bug killers, a little hardware and such. I carry a few animal health products, too. We have a little of everything.”

All feed at Paige’s is bagged, and no delivery is offered.

Paige also continues with her repair business.

“Someone will come in to get feed and say, ‘Hey, I can get my shoes fixed here; I didn’t know that,’” Paige said with a laugh. “Sometimes it’s the other way around. It’s amazing that people don’t realize they’re walking into a feed store when they are looking for my shoe repair.”

While she repairs books and shoes, Paige’s Feed does not sell new footwear.

Being a one-woman show can be difficult but Paige she will always put customers first. 

“I run the whole show,” she added. “I do everything I can, which is what you have to do to say in business these days.” 

Future plans: At this time, Paige is “pretty well set,” in her business and has no plans for major expansion.


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