Mac Tractor Parts in West Silom Springs, Oklahoma. Owned by Johnny Lindgren. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Location: West Silom Springs, Okla.

Owner: Johnny Lindgren

History: Johnny Lindgren opened Mac Tractor Parts, a salvage business for tractor parts, in 1974.

“I started it from the word go and have stuck with it,” Johnny said. “I was raised up with tractors and we had to work with them on the farm. I had been to one or two salvages when I was younger and I thought, ‘I’m in the wrong business.’ I started buying tractors, tearing them down and selling parts. It’s like a car salvage, but for tractors.”

Products and services: After almost 50 years in business, Johnny and his crew at Mac Tractor Parts are still buying tractors and tearing them down for parts, specializing in Massey, Ford and International.

“We have some old antique parts left, but we cater to the tractors people use every day,” Johnny said. “You never know what you are going to pick or what someone has for sale.”

Johnny has purchased tractors locally, across the state and in Missouri. He estimates Mac Tractor Parts has salvaged more than 2,000 tractors. 

“That’s just the ones I have counted, and we have three buildings with parts on the shelves,” he said. “We try to have everything anyone would need.”

Customers can find parts ranging from fan hoods to hydraulics, PTOs to radiators, and everything between. An item that seems to be especially popular are tractor wheels.

“That’s something that no one has anywhere, so it’s a good item for us, and we keep a lot of them,” Johnny said. 

If they don’t have the part or a customer is needed a part from another make, Mac Tractor Parts will search for it.

“We are a member of a locating service, and if we don’t have something, we will try to find it for them,” Johnny explained, adding that the service is a network of other tractor salvages throughout the United States.


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