The Concrete Works, LLC of Wasola, Missouri is owned by Cleta and Sean Sweeney. They make concrete feeders. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Location: Wasola, Mo.

Owners: Cleta and Sean Sweeney

History: About 40 years ago, Sean and Cleta Sweeney saw an ad for concrete feeders. Since they were already in the concrete business, they decided to make their own products. As livestock producers themselves, the couple felt they had a few ideas that would work well for producers and be durable.

“Sean made seven forms in the late 1980s and 40 years later, we have sold almost a million feeders, coast-to-coast, border-to-border,” Cleta said.

Products and Services: Today, Cleta serves is the president of The Concrete Works, LLC., and Sean is the COO. Together with their employees, they produce the field bunks; line, commodity and wide J feeders; stock and water tanks; and wall panels that can be used for grain storage areas and in other applications. All products are designed by Sean, who has also specially formulated the concrete to last for decades. Each feeder or waterer carries a 20-year warranty.

Sean and Cleta test their products at their farm and can show the durability and educate customers on what product will best fit their needs.

“I tell some of the new folks to take the time and drive around our and see what we do, or come when I’m feeding,” Celta said. “When they can visualize what we are doing, it helps them go home and set up their system.”

The field bunk feeder continues to be the best seller for the company.

“Every person can use it,” Celeta said, adding the bunk is also in use in non-agriculture areas. “It was our first product, so it is very dear to me, but it is still categorically our best seller.”

In addition to selling products directly from the Wasola plant, The Concrete Works has distributors around the country, and has developed relationships with universities and extension services in many states to help feed and water their livestock.

Future plans: The Sweeneys love what they do, so much so they are opening a new plant outside of Little Rock, Ark., by the end of the year while keeping the Missouri facility operational. Cleta said they will be producing some of their non-agricultural line at the location and take orders for their agricultural products.

The company is also planning to reintroduce 10-foot long feeders this year because of increased demand.


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