Rocking 2K Cattle and Transport in Joplin, Missouri is owned by Kyle Kugler. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Owners: Kyle Kugler

Location: Joplin, Mo.

History: Kyle Kugler’s grandfather lived near Wyandotte, Okla., and raised Boer goats. His father continued to cultivate the itch for farm life, even when they moved and lived for many years in Virginia. 

While growing up in Virginia, Kyle fulfilled his love for agriculture by working with horses, helping local farmers during hay season and working cattle near Scottsville, Va., which has a population of less than 600 people.

Kyle began his own ag fencing business while in Virginia until he moved back to Missouri two and half years ago. 

Products and Services: Rocking 2K focuses on two aspects of farming and ranching. The first is to provide the small farmer/rancher or hobby farmer with an alternative to working livestock or moving anything ag related. The aim is to be low impact in method to reduce stress on the animals.

“An older gentleman who still maintains a small heard of cows may need calves pulled off and worked but can’t do it himself,” Kyle explained. “We come out, talk over the job, give a quote and then do the heavy work for the customer. We bring the panels, the muscle and the means to round up whatever animal the customer may need worked and then transport to the sale barn or to a new buyer.”

Rocking 2K not only hauls cattle and horses, but the occasional exotic animal. A most recent job transported zebras to an exotic animal auction in Oklahoma. But their services are not limited to animals: Kyle hauls hay, tractors, or equipment for the mid-level farmer at a reasonable price compared to large haulers.

There are no mileage limits to how far they will transport farm equipment or animals. The only stipulation would be weather conditions that may delay transport.

“I have consistent customers on the East Coast, throughout the Midwest and also some out of Colorado but we love our local farmers the best,” Kyle said.

The second part of the business is raising quality cattle that are affordable.

Future Goals: The immediate focus is to increase their cattle operation to meet the needs of those folks getting their feet under them in building a herd with Angus and Red Angus cattle. 

Rocking 2K Transport, at the moment, is keeping busy on the road but it will be further out before Kyle considers adding more trucks and trailers to the operation.


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