Location: Waynesville, Mo. 

Owner: Roy Fritts

History: Roy Fritts worked for many years in the auto parts industry and farmed as well, but he decided it was time to open his own business and began Fritts Farm Equipment about 25 years ago.

“You just kind of work into stuff you enjoy,” Roy said. “I enjoy what I do and have met some wonderful people.”

Products and Services: Roy and Fritts Farm Equipment has been a Bush Hog dealer for 25 years, earning 5-Star Dealer status.

“I even carried lawn mowers, before they quit making them,” Roy said, adding that Fritts Farm Equiment sells anything with a Bush Hog name, such as rotary cutters and crop shredders, Quicke loaders, boom mowers, hay tools, and products related to construction, landscaping and tillage.

Through the Fritts Farm Equipment’s website, customers can access the entire Bush Hog parts catalog, order and pay online, and have parts shipped to them. 

Roy is also an Encore mower dealer, and a dealer for TrailMaster go-cars and UTVs.

Used farming equipment and vehicles are also a part of Roy’s business.

“I buy at auctions, or I buy people out sometimes if they don’t have a lot of stuff,” Roy explained. “I dabble in a little of everything.”

Fritts Farm Equipment also offers parts for other equipment and the used tractors he sells.

“Just different stuff,” Roy said, adding that he also has a few part-time employees who help him out at times.

Supply chain issues have caused some backups on orders, Roy said, but he continues to do the best he can for his customers.

In the Future: Roy, who is 80, said he isn’t sure how things would go in the future, but he isn’t planning on leaving his business anytime soon.

“I just have to keep busy and I’m always going something,” he said. “I live here on this 40 acres as well and I get a lot of calls from folks out of state wanting to move here, and they want to buy my place. I’m not going anywhere.”


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