Worley Farm & Lawn Equipment in Weaubleau, Missouri. Owned by Josh Worley and opened in 2015.
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Owner: Josh Worley

Location: Weaubleau, Mo. 

History: After owning a lawn and landscaping business for several years, Josh Worley decided he needed a change. In 2015, Josh opened Worley Farm & Lawn Equipment in Weaubleau, Mo. He operated both businesses for few years, but eventually sold the landscaping and lawn operation to focus on Worley Farm & Lawn Equipment.

Products and services: Worley Farm & Lawn Equipment offers customers a wide product line that includes LS tactors, as well as haying equipment from Farm King, truck beds from Barron, Butler, Crossfire, Hydrabed, Iron Star and Kermlin. Worley Farm & Lawn Equipment also offers Bush-Wacker cutters and Ranchers Pride feeders.

“We also have zero-turn mowers, UTVs, trailers and all kinds of stuff,” Josh said. 

Josh said he and his team of six employees not only sell the products at Worley Farm & Lawn Equipment, but also offer service, instillation and parts for all product lines. 

Another service offered to customers is used vehicles. 

“We find good, used trucks and put new bale beds on them and get them ready for the farmer to go straight to work,” Josh, who is also a cattleman, said. “Customers don’t have to track a truck down, bring it to us to have a bed put on and wait  for it. We try to have a few trucks ready to go.” 

Business Philosophy: Being a dealer in a small town, Josh said he and his staff are able to spend more time with their customers. 

“You get extra attention from a small-town dealer, compared to those big-city dealers,” he said. “We tend to bend over backwards a little more. We help our customers out on the weekends when we are closed, or whatever it takes to accommodate them.”

Future plans: Josh isn’t sure what the future holds for Worley Farm & Lawn Equipment, but the business has seen steady growth since 2015. 

“We are just trying to sustain and get a little more efficient at what we do,” Josh said. “There is really no limit on growth; I’m not going to hold back.”


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