Curt Carr, owner of Joplin Greenhouse and Coffee House in Joplin, Missouri. Photo by Rachel Harper.
Photo by Rachel Harper

Owners: Curt and Jill Carr

Location: Joplin, Mo.

History: Curt Carr and his wife Jill opened the Joplin Greenhouse in Joplin, Mo., in May 2001 with a retail garden center, adding a full-service florist the same year. Curt had previously worked as a salesman for a large grower in the area that shipped all over the United States. 

“I wanted to do my own thing, so I left there and started this little retail store,” he said. “After that first year of not being able to buy what I wanted or the quality I wanted, it forced us to start building greenhouses and grow our own products.” 

In 2003, they bought land east of Joplin, built greenhouses and started growing all of their own plants. During that time, their three kids were homeschooled and were helping with the greenhouse business every day. They closed the florist after a couple years and embarked on birding and the organic food market, but both have since been phased out. They have continued to look toward other opportunities to provide for their customers. About three years ago they opened up the Coffee Shop which they are now called Joplin Greenhouse and The Coffee Shop. “It has been a very nice fit to go along with the plants,” Curt said.

Products and Services: Today, Joplin Greenhouse and the Coffee Shop are thriving, providing quality flowers and plants, and a beautiful setting for the coffee shop. 

“We are very customer oriented and really enjoy working with all of our customers,” Curtis said. “We offer a lot of take and go patio pots, flower hanging baskets, lots of foliage indoor house plants, annuals and perennials, and lots of flowers and plants. We grow all of our own plants at our farm east of town.

“We also carry everything you need for vegetable gardening, including seed and fertilizer and the vegetable plant starts like tomato, pepper, and cucumber plants.” 

They have different types of soil need for raised bed gardening or soil amendments. 

Curt and Jill Carr have been serving the Joplin community for more than 20 years and are grateful for the opportunity to work with so many local charities doing various things for the community throughout the year, including fundraisers.


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