Location: Marshfield, Mo.

Owner: John Gayer

Manager: Doug Wheeler (pictured)

About the business: Gordon’s Feed and Pet is a family-owned business with locations in Marshfield, Ash Grove, Greenfield, Rogersville and Clever, Mo. Gayer started Gordon’s Feed & Pet started in 1979 with the Ash Grove location.

The store in Marshfield was moved its current location in 2012, They didn’t move far, but it was to a better, more visible location and a newer building. There is also more traffic, which means more customers. Store manager Doug Wheeler has been working at Gordon’s for almost 18 years. 

Products and Services: Gordon’s Feed and Pet offers feed and animal health products for cattle, horses, chickens, goats, dogs, cats, as well as wildlife and exotics. Product lines include ADM, Purina, among others.

“We sell feed, seed, dog food, chemicals. We don’t manufacture anything,” Doug said. 

Cattle and dog food are the biggest sellers at the Marshfield, Mo., location, but Doug said they sell a lot of other livestock and pet food. 

Bagged fertilizer is also available, but no bulk.

Customers are also able to purchase chicks each spring at the store.

Store philosophy: “We try to do really good customer service,” Doug said. “That’s probably what we pride ourselves on and knowledge. We try to do the customer service really well,” Doug said.


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