Location: Mountain View, Mo.

Owners: Herman and Cheryl Glasscock

Products and Services: HG Farmers Feed is a family-owned and operated farm supply store and more, catering to livestock producers and farmers in the Mountain View, Mo., area. 

Owned by Herman and Cheryl Glasscock since 2013, HG Farmers Feed offers ADM and Hirsch Feed.

“We have feed for cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and pretty much everything else,” Cheryl said. “If we don’t have it, we will try to get our customers what they need.”

Feed sales are limited to bagged feed. 

Other livestock items include some horse tack, animal health supplies, fly repellents and dewormer.

Feed for pets is also a big line for HG Farmers Feed, with a wide selection of dog and cat food, including Diamond and Black Gold. 

The store offers a small hardware section, including replacement handles for items such as hoes and shovels. 

“We also have a few supplies like bar oil, hydraulic fluid, Rotel motor oil, gear oil and things like that. We try to have a little of everything,” Cheryl said. 

And for the gardner, HF Farmers Feed offers seeds, bedding plants and other items. 

Other products: HF Farmers Feed is a true-one stop shop. In addition to farm and ranch items, there is a small flea market, a book store, a gaming store and a discount grocery store.

“We really try to have everything our community might need,” Cheryl said. “We want to be a resource for our customers for what their needs are… We want people to shop local because that helps our community.”


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