Location: Wheatland, Mo. 

Owners: Glenn Anthony “Tony” Long and daughter Bobbi Long

History:What started as a way for Bobbi to pay college tuition has become a thriving farm-to-plate business.

“She’s 20-years-old and made enough this summer to pay this year’s tuition. I’ve always tried to groom all of my kids to be self-sufficient,” Glenn Anthony “Tony” Long explained. 

Tony, who also owns a heating and air conditioning business, is a pastor of a small rural church and a member of his congregation gave Tony the inspiration for the name of their agricultural endeavor. 

“I had a feeling a few years ago just to let my hair grow and one of the old guys at church said I looked like one of the Jesus freaks from back in the 1960s, and it kind of stuck with us.”

Produce is grown in two 30-foot-by-96-foot high tunnels, as well as about 10,000 square feet of outdoor garden area. 

“I spend six to eight hours a day doing heating and air, then about four to six hours a day gardening.”

Products: The Longs offer naturally-grown fruits and vegetables.

“We don’t use any pesticides on any of the stuff we grow,” Tony explained. 

The father-daughter duo are now in their fourth year of business, and market produce at the Hickory County Farmers Market in Hermitage, Mo., as well as off the farm and through their social media page.

“July is a big month for us, and we average about 300 pounds of tomatoes a week, and we try to grow squash, beans, egg plant, cabbage, a variety of peppers and whatever else I get the feeling to grow. We try to stick with heirloom products.”

They have a variety of fruit trees they harvest on their farm as well. 

In addition to the produce, the Longs also raise chickens, hogs, cattle and goats. 

“We raise about 200 to 300 chickens in the spring and fall to butcher and sell as well,” Tony said. “We have four steers that we are raising just like our vegetables an we will be able to sell them.”

Future plans: While Bobbi will be starting a teaching career soon, Tony said they plan to continue with Jesus Freak’s Farm, but there are no immediate plans to expand. 

“Until I don’t have a full-time job off the farm, we’re about as big as we can handle.”


  1. We are fortunate to have Jesus Freaks Farm in our county! Quality products are grown and sold locally at the farmers market and direct from their farm. Added bonus of having our heating and air conditioning needs met!


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