Owner: Davy Owens, Sr. (pictured at left)

Location: Wister, Okla.

Business: Davy’s Tractor

Manager: Davy Owens, Jr. (pictured at right)

History: “Our business first opened in 1988 after my dad had worked for the Massey dealers in Poteau,” Davy’s Tractor mananager Davy Owens, Jr., said. “He was tired of working for someone else and decided to go out on his own closer to home in Summerfield. He selected a location between Poteau and Red Oak because he saw a need for repair services in the immediate area, a need that has remained constant. I was in eighth grade at the time and started working for him during summers. After graduating from high school, I went to Carl Albert College to earn a two-year degree in electronics. In 1992, my father decided he wanted even more independence and needed more room and bought land just down the road on Highway 270, building the facility we are still using today. In 1994, I returned home with my degree and told my father I was ready to work in the shop full-time. Now that dad’s getting ready to retire and devote his time to his cattle herd, I will soon take over the business.”

Products and Services: “We work on all brands of tractors, from the 1950 models up to current models, as long as the repairs are not computer-based. Typical repairs include clutches, hydraulics and engine issues. The most common brands people bring in are Massey and Ford, along with a few John Deere with models usually falling between the mid-1970s and 2000. The majority of the tractors we work on are 100 hp or less, meaning they’re used for activities such as hay baling and brush hogging. Most of our customers live within an 80-mile radius. We are known for being reliable and standing behind what we do. Consequently, people trust us and come back and tell others. While we keep some Massey and Ford parts, we order almost everything we need and get the parts within two days. People also use us for preseason servicing so equipment is ready to go when spring arrives. Pre-servicing includes oil, filters, plugs, if needed, and checking tire pressures. Most of our customers have more than one tractor. Our turnaround time is typical of other similar businesses in that during peak season customers may have to wait up to three weeks to get their tractor back though a week turnaround is not uncommon at other times. Very occasionally, we sell a few used tractors. I am looking forward to continuing my father’s business and servicing our customers in the tradition he began so long ago.”


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