CEO: Matt Krabtree

Location: Springdale, Ark.

Manager: Butch Hall (pictured)

History: “I have worked for the coop for seven years and was moved to the Springdale location as manager when the coop bought this location three years ago,” manager Butch Hall said. “Major facility renovation was needed. Improvements included increased sales space by eliminating a backroom storage area and new and lower shelving so customers can see across the entire store.”

Products and Services: “One advantage of increasing retail space is a broader inventory so the customer doesn’t need to own livestock to have a reason to stop by,” Butch said. “Our diverse inventory includes plumbing and electrical supplies, hand tools, welding equipment and other items typical of a hardware store. In terms of pet- and livestock-related items, we carry vaccines and medicines for each type of animal. We have high quality and a wide variety of bagged pet food, most without corn. Sheep, goat, bird and poultry feed are available as well as 50-pound bags of different varieties and brands of horse feed. Cattle feed is available in 50- or 1,500-pound bags. A growing part of our business is seed for deer plots which people plant to help minimize the spread of chronic wasting disease.”

Philosophy: “Our staff is knowledgeable and really understand the business. This staff can be trusted to give reliable advice such as explaining an Extension agency report and how to meet their suggestions. Our store is pet friendly with people often bringing in pets to weigh on our scales or to try on collars and sample treats. We even have the lowest-priced canned pop around. My personal goal is to encourage young people to be environmentally and agriculturally aware and involved. For city youth this might mean wanting to construct a raised bed or try container gardening, and we are here to help them do just that.”


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