Owners: Vernon and Darryl Yoder (pictured)

Location: Mazie, Okla.

History: “This place was open before my father Vernon was born over 50 years ago,” Darryl Yoder said. “At that time the business was a general store that also carried lumber. My father remembers purchasing groceries as late as 1986, but at some point the business switched to a lumberyard only. Later owner Charles Bussey asked my father if he wanted to buy the lumberyard because he was ready to retire and because my father had been a carpenter for years. Then, in 2014, I got hurt. My father and mother Carolyn then decided to purchase the business in 2016 in order to give me a place to go. That decision changed my life as I became a general contractor while also helping with inventory and financial statements at the lumberyard. I now have DY Contracting through which I design and custom build houses, barns, shops, sheds and other personal buildings, though I still help out at the yard.”

Products and Services: “We stock quality No. 1 yellow pine and No. 2 fir lumber used to build a variety of structures such as houses and pole barns. We also carry sheet-metal in a variety of colors in addition to various other metal supplies to complete metal building construction. Interior and exterior doors including heavy-duty screen doors are available as well as windows of various types such as crank out, single hung and double hung. We carry treated lumber for decks, spindles and porch railings as well as composite decking boards, some with raised edges which hold up the best. Other important construction supplies include culverts for drainage, bags of quick concrete and drywall. We carry a variety of farm products including corner posts and T-posts as well as barbed wire, gates and telephone poles that people sometimes use for lighting purposes. In terms of hardware, we have hand tools, nails, screws, plumbing supplies and some electrical supplies. We strive to make building and repairing easy by meeting as many of their supply needs as possible.”

Philosophy and future: “We pride ourselves on selling quality products and providing hardware and support supplies for construction or repair. We strived to find whatever people need and are willing to go the extra step to special order. Most orders placed by 10 a.m. are received within a day or two. As far as the future goes, we are looking to expand our electrical supply section as well as additional coverage for the lumber.”


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