Owner: David King

Location: Crane, Mo.

History: David King was born and raised on a farm and was always building fence. “When in college, I built a couple of fences for other people,” he said. “The summer after college I was helping a friend named Brad Cantrell in his business which was putting in gates for another company. He said he would help me if I wanted to start my own business and got me my first job, which was woven wire fence in Springfield, Mo. In the beginning, I worked for Brad while I built my business but went on my own at the beginning of September 2015.”

Products and Services: Lucky K Fence has three basic components.

“I built fences, corrals and I weld,” David explained.

Most of his business is pipe fencing and wire fencing for farms, not decorative fencing.

“I do overheads which often contain the name of the farm or ranch.

“When I’m building a corral, most often people have their own design, which I will adapt if a structural issue arises, though I will design them if necessary. The last part of my business is fence and portable welding where will go on location and fix trailers and equipment like balers, basically anything that needs welding.”

Philosophy and future: “The heart of any business is good customer service and we offer a guarantee because a happy customer is a return customer who tells others.

“The business is going well, and I now have two young men who work for me full-time. In the short-term I am also pursuing subcontracting for the fencing for the BNSF Railroad. I hope that in 10 years I have two work crews, one for bigger jobs and one for smaller jobs so that I can stay home to raise cattle. I also hope to have my own supply company in addition to the fencing company.”


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