Owner: James Brackett

Family: Wife, Franny Brackett; and sons Jimmy and John; daughters Janet and Beth

Location: Richland, Mo.

History: Brackett Farm Supply has been in business for more than 35 years.

“We initially started out selling some feed products and some mineral, then we got into the tire business, then into the machinery business,” owner James Brackett said.

Born and raised in the area, James was a farmer before he became a business owner. He hauled cattle to St. Louis, and often brought back grain and other products to his rural hometown, so he decided to begin his own store.

The machinery side of the business came natural for the life-long farmer.

“We just got to traveling and buying and selling machinery; we’ve sold a lot of it over the years. It was just something we like to do and we enjoy the people. It’s kind of fun,” James said.

Products and Services: On the feed side, Brackett Farm Supply offers custom feed mixes and a variety of minerals.

“We use corn and soybean, and whatever minerals we need to make it balance for the livestock,” James said. “Corn is all top-quality corn grown here locally by my son, Jimmy Brackett. When you truck in your corn, you have to worry about quality. We don’t make any junk feed here; it’s all home-grown stuff.”

While livestock feed helped to get the business started, James said the farm equipment is the majority of the business today. All equipment is used and some antiques can be found. While they offer no service to equipment, Brackett Farm Supply carries some parts and can order what they don’t have in stock.

Tires for trucks and tractors are another part of the business at Brackett Farm Supply.

Future: “There’s not very many old farmers who actually retire,” he said. “I’ve got a good home, a good business and a good farm, and I wouldn’t trade it.”


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