Owner: Dick Stamps

Location: Fayetteville, Ark.

History: In 1976, Jim and Carolyn Halbert started Halbert’s Veterinary and Pet Supply in Fayetteville. Two years later, they purchased the land across the street and built the current facility.

“I worked for them for 30 years before purchasing the business five years ago,” current owner Dick Stamps said. “When I started, the area was heavily rural, but our customer base has changed. Most of the big, old farms have already been sold and urbanized. What this means for us is that our pet business has expanded and our agricultural customers are mostly hobby farmers with cattle herds of less than 50 and lots of horses.”

Products and Services: Halbert’s Veterinary and Pet Supply offers minimal supplies for sheep and goats, and a range of cattle and horse supplies, as well as a wide line of animal health supplies, including vaccinations and wormers. Other products for cattle include fly tags and sprays, clippers and blades, and show supplies with shampoos and shine sprays.

“For our horse people, we have paste and feed through wormers, fly sprays, vitamins and minerals, as well as horse shoes and equipment and easy boots to protect injured feet. Because of our hobby farmer base and their love of sheep and goats, we expect that portion of our business to increase as will our supplies for those farmers. Needless to say, we have an extensive variety of dog and cat foods, which includes Diamond and Hill’s Science Diet. We have wormers and vaccines as well as treatments for ear mites, ear infection and skin issues. Flea and tick collars are in addition to many house sprays to control fleas, ticks and the ever increasingly problematic bedbugs.”

Philosophy: “Our business strives to be highly personal,” Dick said. “We not only call customers by name but are familiar with their family and animals. People love to talk about their animals whether that’s a cow called Bawler or a cat named Princess, and we love to be part of that conversation. In addition, we pride ourselves in helping customers find and purchase special order items.”


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