Sallisaw True Value Hardware

Owners: Carl Moss (left) and Barry Teague (right)
Location: Sallisaw, Okla.
Business: Sallisaw True Value Hardware

History: Sallisaw True Value Hardware has been in business for 111 years and is had only three owners. It was founded in 1905 by Frank and Dick Herring, who had it for 40 years when it was purchased by Stanley Tubbs.
“Thirty-three years ago (Tubbs) called me and asked if I was interested in purchasing it,” current co-owner Carl Moss said. “I was young and didn’t have much money. A fellow worker named Barry Teague and I wanted to buy the business because we wanted to work for ourselves rather than someone else. We had another partner named James David Gardner, who has since passed away. The store has always been in this location, though it expanded through the years as other businesses in the block moved out or closed.”

Products and Services: “The purpose of our store is to take care of the needs of the people of this town which means residential as well as farming or ranching,” Carl said. “We carry a complete line of Stihl chainsaws, plumbing supplies, well pumps and well pump supplies, heating supplies including space heaters, electrical supplies and general hardware like nuts and bolts which are a very large part of our business and often purchased by ranchers and farmers. We also carry power tools of various brands, Snapper and Big Dog mowers, and paint. The company selects promotional items, which we supplement with seasonal goods such as holiday items and vegetable, flour, and grass seeds supported by fertilizers and weed killers. We cut and thread pipe and sharpened chain saws. We repair what we sell, outsourcing lawnmower and chainsaw repair.”

Philosophy and future:
“Customer service is at the heart of what we do,” Carl said. “We have customers for many, many years and greet everyone who comes in the door, often by name. In addition, when a customer asks a question about an item, we don’t send them to go get it. Rather, we get it ourselves and bring it to them, especially important because the store is a maze and packed with a huge variety of items.”


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