Looking for information about helping to finance your farming dream? Following are just a few of many online tools that help new farmers and ranchers better manage their businesses and their lives.

FarmAnswers.org, produced by the University of Minnesota and funded by the USDA’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Grant Program, offers several key food-safety guides.

*  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS.gov) has a special tax publication for farmers and ranchers, Publication 225.

* HealthCare.gov offers tools to help understand insurance options and other healthcare changes.

*  Newfarmers.usda.gov/discovery:  Take the quiz, and learn about your options.

* Newfarmers.usda.gov/get-connected:  Sign up and get free e-mail alert service, learn the whereabouts of hundreds of USDA Service Centers as well as connect with Cooperative Extensions and the Small Business Administration.


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