Lockwood Packing Company

Location: Lockwood, Mo.
Owners: Allan and Koleen Frickenschmidt

History: Allan and Koleen Frickenschmidt opened Lockwood Packing in 1987. The facility had previously been a meat processor, but had been closed for a couple of years. The Frickenschmidt family completely refurbished the facility, which continues to grow. Steven Ogden, manager of raw production of Lockwood Packing, said the facility has now expanded several times since the purchase and is currently about 30,000 square feet.
About three years ago, a retail market was added, which features Frickenschmidt Foods specialty products.

Services and products: Lockwood Packing annually processes about 1,000 beefs and 1,200 hogs, and has about 30 fulltime employees.
“We do custom slaughtering and processing of our customers’ animals, right down to the curing of pork,” Steven said. All processing and curing is done in house.
Customers can select a variety of custom processed products, including a variety of brats, sausage, summer sausage and custom cut steaks.
Lockwood Packing has won several awards for its cured meats, including Grand Champion Beef Summer Sausage at the Missouri Cured Meat Show, as well as Best of Beef with a jalapeno and cheese summer sausage.
USDA inspectors are available two days a month, which allows customers to do their own direct sales through farmers markets and other venues. There is no extra charge associated with the USDA inspection
On the retail side of the business, Steven said it started off very small, mostly with a freezer filled with regular cuts, hamburger, sausage and other items. But, as the business grew, so did the store.
“We offer a full deli for meats and cheeses, we serve lunch, and sell all of the basic cuts,” Steven explained. “We also sell some chicken, snack sticks, and variety of brats, sausage, cured meats, jerky and other specialty meats. A lot of people will come and buy a month’s worth of meat.”


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