Shala Lawrence

Homestown: Bakersfield, Mo.
School: Bakersfield High School
Age: 15
Parents: Harold and Christie Lawrence
Siblings: Hank and Coralie

How are you involved in agriculture?
“I’m a gardener. Last year, I built a 12-by-12 foot raised garden and I just started planting different vegetables. My grandpa has always had a garden and that was what my great-grandfather did, as well. My great-grandfather passed away in March (2015). That’s what he always did, garden. I wanted to carry on that passion of his. I raised some tomatoes, squash, banana peppers, eggplant and cucumbers. I raised them for my family to eat. It went really well. I had a great garden this year. My dad and I made the raised garden out of landscape timbers. Bought dirt – lots of dirt – 96 bags of dirt, to put in the garden.”

Who had the most effect on your agriculture decisions?
“My dad’s dad, my grandpa. I always helped him raise his garden. But when he died and he didn’t have a garden anymore, I wanted to carry on like he had done. Everyone in my family has encouraged me.”

Do you see a career in agriculture?
“I want to be a nurse practitioner, so it’s really not agriculture related. But I really enjoy the outdoors and growing things and will continue to do that, whatever my career is.”

What would you change about agriculture if you had the power?
“I’d like to see more people in agriculture, period – have more people involved all around the United States.”


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