Name:  Anastasia Clemons
School:  Sarcoxie R- 2, 8th Grade
Member:  Charolois Association, 4-H
Parents:  Cammie Clemons, mother, Larry Nagel, father; Eugene and Mary Meyer, grandparents.
How are you involved in agriculture?
“I show Charolois and sometimes sheep. I do chores. If I have time after chores, I like to ride my horse.” Anastasia showed her first sheep when she was three years old. She started showing Charolois seven years ago. She has shown locally, at Junior Nationals, the Ozark Empire Fair and others. She competes in Quiz Bowl, Leadership and other Contests sponsored by the Charolois Association. She depends on her grandfather in the mornings for help with chores, but always does all her own chores in the evening.

What are you looking forward to?
"Aggie Days, at Crowder, where I will show heifers. Also, being in the FFA next year, being a senior in the fitting division, and winning a buckle. Anytime I get to show it’s a family affair. Fitting is another word for grooming. This is the first year I can use the clippers. First you wash and brush them, fluff up the hair on their legs. This year I get to do the whole thing.”

How do you train your animals to show?
“To break them you have to let them get used to you and the halter. You tie them up for a while, an hour or so, then lead them to feed or water. It’s pretty easy after you do it twice. Then it gets harder because you want to lead them another way. It takes at least a week and then you have to keep at it. It takes time.”

Have you been hurt showing or training?
“Yeah, a lot. But nothing major. I’ve been drug by calves. Having my foot fractured was the worst. A heifer slipped off the curb and stepped on my foot. They wanted to put a cast on it but I said 'no,' and kept right on going.”

What are your future plans?
“I want to be a veterinarian for all animals.”
By Leta Dunlap


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