Trinity Witt

Age: 10
Parents: Nathan and Tracy Witt
Hometown: Purdy, Mo.
4-H Club: Screeching Eagles 4-H
4-H Advisor: Nathan Witt

What is your 4-H project and what do you like about it?
“I have three rabbits: one Holland lop ear buck named Marlowe, one dwarf Hotot buck named Gilmore and a Holland lop ear doe named Daisy. I record when I put Marlowe and Daisy together and when Daisy has babies. They have produced about 20 babies that I sold for pets and meat. I am responsible for feeding the rabbits once a day in the evening and checking for water at least twice a day.”

How did you get started with 4-H?
“The local club closed a while back and my dad started it back up again so all of us could learn about animals. I already had my rabbits and have learned a lot.”

What are your favorite rabbit memories?
“I really liked when Daisy had her first litter. The babies looked like small pink rats with no hair, but they were kind of cute.”

What awards have you won?
“I did a prepared speech on rabbits and will go on to Ozark Empire and perhaps the State Fair with that speech. I also won the County Achievement Day Award. I won grand champion at our local fair with two of Daisy’s babies, Fudge and Stripe, and got grand champion for cake decorating with a basket weave bottom on a white fondant base and the top was green fondant with lots of different kinds of flowers and techniques that I learned from my grandmother.”

What do you like about your rabbits?
“My favorite part is teaching and practicing getting my rabbits in their starting show position even though playing with the rabbits and setting up a birthing box is also fun. You can tell when Daisy’s going to have babies because she keeps pulling out her hair and mixing it with a straw just before giving birth so the new babies will be warm.”


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