Age: 15

Parents: Bobby and Lori Weaver

Hometown: Fair Grove, Mo.

FFA Chapter: Fair Grove FFA

What is your involvement in agriculture?

“We have eight horses that live at our house. Right now we only have four calves in our pen and then we have around 15 to 20 at our rental farm. We also have about 10 chickens and two dogs.”

The Weaver family also runs a small herd of commercial momma cows. Leah has grown up in Fair Grove with her three sisters.

What are some of your responsibilities on your farm?

“When we move cattle between farms, I help get them in and help give them shots. I feed the cows at home every day. I also feed and water the chickens. In the summer, I help with hauling hay. I also fix fence and take care of all the other animals.”

What do you like about living on a farm?

“I like how it takes hard work to get things done. I like being able to use my hands and to help out my parents as much as possible.”

What is your involvement with your FFA Chapter?

“I am on the officer team. I am the chaplain. I like being able to lead the other FFA members and being involved in all the activities we do. I am over the religious part of it, so I pray before our meetings and ceremonies. I am there to pray and lead them in the right direction.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I would like to have my own farm when I grow up and have horses and cows. It is always fun to have them around.”

Why is it important for your generation to be involved in FFA?

“My perspective is my generation has become lazy – they are not out there working like they should be with the animals and taking care of the land. Agriculture is a big part of how we live and a lot of our generation doesn’t understand that so that is why I am in FFA – to raise awareness.”


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