Sarcoxie Feed & Farm Supply

Owner: Bill McNeece
Location: Sarcoxie, Mo.

History/Origins: Pauline and Earl Gillett started the local feed and farm supply it in 1955. After her husband died in the mid-1970s, Pauline continued operations with the help of her son Ed until Bill McNeece purchased the business in 2003. A few years earlier McNeece sold his own auto parts business and upon seeing the feed and farm supply store was for sale, he decided to dive into the agri-business arena.
“I was just looking for something to do and the business was for sale so I bought it,” he said.
McNeece implemented only a few changes in business operations upon taking ownership. As he noted he built on what was already available and made it better. He said, “Most of the additions were up front where I sell farm supplies, pet supplies and all that. They were doing bulk feed, but I didn’t want that so I sell only bag feeds and no custom mixing.”

Products and Services: From the docks of the main building and the warehouse, which is only a stone’s throw away, McNeece provides bagged feeds and supplements. Stepping inside the main store area is like walking into agricultural and horticultural variety store. An array of general hardware items, basic electric and non-electric fencing supplies and systems, and veterinarian supplies to keep animals from cats to cattle healthy. For the gardener, Sarcoxie Feed and Farm Supply offers seeds, fertilizers, gardening tools and seedlings ready to plant. A healthy variety of boots and gloves are on hand to keep the feet dry and hands warm or less weather worn.

Longevity Secret: While many businesses have dried up in Sarcoxie since the 1970s, Sarcoxie Feed and Farm Supply continues to thrive. “They’ll get better service from me than they would from those big stores,” he said, “It’s not just me, but most of your smaller businesses will give you better service. You buy a bag of dog food here and we’ll load it in your car for you. I don’t feel like it’s going an extra mile, because it’s just what we do.”


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