Camdenton Farm & Garden

Store Owner: Brenda Ledbetter
Store Manager: Qcorhznet Stringer (pictured)
Location: Camdenton, Mo.

History: “This actually began as an MFA chain store 35 years ago, but then it went independent just a few years later,” owner Brenda Ledbetter outlined the original history of her store recently. “I bought it in 2007 from some folks who were ready to retire.”

Products and Services: “We sell horse, cattle, pig, deer, chicken and fish feed as well as pet food and wild bird feed and feeders. If it’s food for a critter, we pretty much have it. And if we don’t, we’ll call around and try to get it for you. We have grass seed, lawn and garden supplies, nursery hay and straw.

Best Part of This Business: Brenda continued, “The many different people we serve, all kinds of people with so many different needs, from horse feed to top soil for their garden. We specialize in customer service. If you back up your car, we’ll load it in for you and for the bigger things, like top soil, hay and the like, we’ll deliver. People from other parts are often surprised by the level of service we are ready to provide.”
“Another great part,” store manager Qcorhznet Stringer added, “is watching a customer come in with a new puppy, so you start out selling them puppy food and then watch, as their dog grows into an adult dog. Some customers bring their animals in with them. Some just stop by to visit. We have three resident cats here as well and of course, they think they run the place.”

Future Plans: “The highway by-pass along with the economy has hurt local businesses, like ours,” Brenda concluded. “So far now, we are going to continue with our current products and services. But despite the changes that are outside of our control, we are still here for our customers, ready to answer their questions about trees, pets, grass, gardens and everything related.”


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