Feed Store & More

Owners: Tim and Teresa Huddleston
Locations: Anderson, Mo., and Seneca, Mo.

History: The original location started out as a mill in 1928 and was owned by the Chapmans. Over time the business transitioned and changed hands. In September 2015, the Huddleston’s purchased the business from Junior and Janice Pratt.
The Huddleston’s were both educators at College of the Ozarks, also known as Hard Work U, in Branson, Mo., where Tim was dean of University Development and Teresa, an adjunct instructor. She also worked 20 years in children’s ministry.
The couple own land off campus and run a small herd of cattle.
“We both grew up in small towns and we understand rural life,” Tim said. “We knew we wanted to change directions in our life and find something that was agriculture related that had a good reputation.”
Anderson, Mo., is in between where their children live, allowing them to visit without driving too far. They hope to bring their youngest son on board after he graduates college.

Products and Services: “We offer a broad line of livestock and pet supplies, feed, straw, hay, tack, herbicides, pesticides and animal wellness products. Additionally, we carry wood pellets, jellies, and hardware items,” Tim explained. “We also feed our own feed and recently made changes to the ingredients to increase animal health without feeding them more.”
Last year the mill handled 373 tons of feed and it is not unusual to go through 50 tons of corn a week.

Philosophy: “Our vision for the store is to be a trusted resource for producers and pet owners, plus be an active part of the community,” Tim said. “We want to constantly improve the quality of our feed and expand beyond our two locations, here in Anderson and our other store north of Seneca, currently known as Lant’s Feed Store. We are looking to add a third location but have not decided on where. We want everyone to know that if we don’t have it, we can get it within a day or two.”
Tim added that he enjoys his business, and his customers.
“I wake up every day with three goals; to love, to serve and to encourage my neighbors,” he said.


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