The Big Event has come and gone, but for Stillwater residents and Oklahoma State University students, it leaves a lasting impression.

OSU’s Big Event, held on Saturday, April 12, was the largest Big Event that OSU has seen in its 19 year history, with over 1,500 volunteers and 175 households and businesses served. 

“I was thrilled when ten OSU students came to my house,” said Johna Williams, Stillwater resident and OSU alum. “They were so helpful. They were wonderful and so friendly and I loved having them at my house. I really appreciate SGA doing this event so much, it really helps the senior citizens in Stillwater.”

This year, Starbucks volunteered to help by taking care of the volunteers, who started their day at  Gunderson Hall with Starbucks coffee, bagels, donuts and t-shirts.  This helped motivate the volunteers and prepared them for a long day of work ahead.

Once the volunteers left to work their job sites, the Big Event coordinators fielded calls from residents asking for details and also receiving compliments about the services the volunteers completed for them.

“It’s times like those where I get to witness the impact that The Big Event makes in the Stillwater community, and I know that all the work is worth it.” said Lindsay Willis, Big Event director.

When the volunteers returned the tools they used, they expressed their own satisfaction in giving back to the residents of Stillwater and getting the opportunity to help those in need. Many volunteers returned with full stomachs as the people they were helping would  offer them homemade baked goods, and in some cases, freshly squeezed lemonade.

 “It was amazing to see how grateful the people were!” said sophomore volunteer Ashley Hoffman.


For a video from Big Event, click here. 

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