Graff Veterinary Clinic

Owner/Vet:  Dr. Sally Burd
Location:  Graff, Mo.

Established:  Dr. Burd and her 5 children (3 girls and 2 boys), relocated here from Buffalo, Mo., in August 1990 when she married Dan Burd. They built the veterinary clinic on their farm, which lies along Highway 38 in Wright County at Graff, Mo. Sally said, “Since the clinic was on the farm, the children grew up in the practice and even though I worked long hours I still spent quality time with the kids.” Her daughter, Sarah has been her office manager the last 17 years.

History:  Sally graduated from the University of Missouri at Colombia in 1978. At that time there were 12 women out of 72 in her graduating class.  
Her great-grandfather, Pleasant Wade Owen, was a vet in rural Greene County. Sally said, “He was called a vet but he didn’t have a degree from a college. He was part Indian and used a lot of Indian remedies.” She treasures his antique tools and vessels that were passed down to her after her grandmother passed away.

Best Part of the Job:  From the beginning Sally wanted to treat all animals. She calls her business a “Mixed Animal Clinic” and treats everything from cats and dogs to cows and horses. She didn’t want to be tied to just large or small animals. Dr. Burd works the Norwood Sale Barn every week and the Cabool Dog Auction at their monthly sale.

Farm Life:  In addition to the Vet Clinic, Dan and Sally operate a dairy with primarily registered Milking Shorthorn Cows. They milk over 100 head and are well known in the show rings across the country.

Story and Photo by Lois Krizan Waters


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