What can we do to push our countries’ leaders to put the brakes on fuel and gas prices, like a ceiling on the prices?
This country can’t stay on its feet when the oil companies are stealing from all the people through high prices at the gas pumps. It’s just too high for John Q. Public to pay and to absorb.
Most everyone drives and must drive somewhere like work. If you spend $100 to fill your gas tank, the money doesn’t stay at home to help the local economy; probably 90 percent is gone to goodness knows where. The high priced fuel is what started the whole economic problems because all our supplies and needs must be hauled to and from somewhere. Our countries economic balance is completely off balance.
That high price is multiplying all costs to people – which in turn drives up all other prices, so in effect, we are paying twice for the fuel. Gas and fuel is 20 times higher than it use to be or should be.
Yes, the government needs to cut back on spending, but taxes are not the biggest problem of the working people. It’s the price of fuel, gas and heating too. When a young worker has to spend $200 a month on gas to go to work, he doesn’t have enough left for house and car payments, food and kids clothes.
We talked to people in many states – Kansas, Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and South Dakota – and there is no shortage of oil here, but yet our prices hinge on foreign oil. They try to make us believe we need imported oil and it is just making the oil companies richer.
Our government people are supposed to be up there to “protect the nation” and control this type of price gouging from going on.

Yours truly,
Ed Welters
Verona, Mo.

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