Carol Smith takes every precaution available to offer high quality seedstock

Carol Smith of Claremore, Okla., is not your average Angus seedstock producer. Her husband, Ed, owns a construction business they started in 1988. He currently operates his business in Tulsa, Okla. They both grew up on the farms in Nebraska and Kansas. They have been associated with agriculture their entire lives. They have two children; son, Chad Smith, associated with Ed in his construction business and daughter, Brandi Smith Hezinger, who has her own design business. They also have five grandchildren that they are very proud of; Kate, Ella, Treyson, Sophie and Yazzie.
They owned a commercial cow herd when they first moved to Oklahoma. Then in 1993 they set out to build a registered Angus herd. The CR Brand has a special significance as it means; “Carol’s Ranch.” She is the owner and manager of Smith Land and Cattle. Ed contributes his talents in breeding and haying season, otherwise the weight of the day-to-day operations is decided by Carol. She has built a herd of 300 Angus cows and she selects the AI sires and also has an extensive Embryo program. Her assistant, Robbie Rulo has helped for seven years and he helps maintain the 2,000-acre ranch located just southeast of Claremore, Okla. The ranch is testimony, that if you take care of the land, it will take care of you. She said, “We keep our outside fences well maintained, which makes for good neighbors. We spray for weeds, fertilize and plant 200 acres of no-till oats to supplement pastures. We use it for extra pasture and it reduces my overhead feed costs. We have a rotational grazing program that allows us to graze year round.” They put up their own hay in small square bales and big round bales that they supplement in the winter months. When times got rough in the Angus breed and genetic traits were in jeopardy she tested her herd for all defects. Today her herd is DNA Genetically tested, certified Brucellosis free, and BVD – PI free.
Carol has been actively involved in the Angus breed. She was vice-president and president of the Oklahoma Angus Association in 2007-2009. Smith Land and Cattle welcomed busloads of Angus enthusiast on the National Angus Tour in 2009. She was selected Mr. Angus Breeder of the year in 2008-2009. She said, her inspiration for raising livestock came from her grandfather and he will always be someone she admires. He was dedicated to family and the preservation of the land.
She previously hosted an annual production sale at the ranch from 2003 to 2009. Since then she has increased her private treaty sales. She said, “I can spend more time with my customers and make sure they are getting what will improve their herds. In the end I have more repeat and satisfied customers and also lowered my marketing expenses.”
Carol enters bulls in testing facilities at OBI in Stillwater, Okla., and Green Springs Bull Test in Missouri and will offer a select group of bulls for sale each year. Carol said, “I get great satisfaction when my genetics win at feed outs. It’s rewarding to know my genetics are doing exactly what I planned. I like to believe that what you raise is a reflection of what you believe and stand for.”


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