Name:  Damien Eagon
Parents:  Davy and Sara Eagon
Education:  Senior at Stockton High School, 2013 graduate

Future Plans:  Working at Murphys Family Ventures, a farrowing operation for 3,800 head.

FFA Involvement:  Vice President of the Stockton FFA. During his Junior year he was Secretary and as a  sophomore he was Treasurer.

How are you involved with livestock in general?
“I grew up riding horses with my grandpa. My other grandparents had Charolais cattle. At 12 I helped my mom vaccinate nurseries of pigs. At 14 my grandpa and I started buying horses, breaking them, selling and trading them. I started working at Murphys a week after I turned 16.”

What are your achievements in FFA?
“As a freshman I was on the dairy food’s team that was third in the state and I was Group I individual that was tenth in the state. As a sophomore I did grassland evaluation. My team was second at districts, first at state and I was first high individual at state. We went to nationals that year and were fourth in the nation. That spring I was on agronomy and we were fifth and I was group I. I did forestry and we were fourth in the state and I was Group I. We went to a contest in Oklahoma called Rangeland. We were second in the nation. I was fifth high individual. As a junior I was on parliamentary procedure. We were third at districts, sixth in the state, and I was Group I. I did livestock judging. We were seventh at state, I was Group I.”

What has FFA taught you?
“It has taught me how to be a leader and that you can accomplish whatever you want to do. It has also taught me to try something even if you think you might not like it because you could enjoy it anyway.”

Story and Photo by Carla Clark Carter


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