Noble Insurance Agency

Name:  Keith Noble    
Location:  Rogers, Ark.
Position:  Principal Agent/Owner

Company History:  “Nationwide Agribusiness was founded in 1909 by Iowa farmers and agribusiness leaders. Our parent company, Nationwide®, was founded in 1926 by the Ohio Farm Bureau. Nationwide Agribusiness operates in 43 states. We are the largest insurer of farms in the country.”

What products/services do you offer for farmers?
“We insure all kinds of farming operations; from poultry growers to cattle farms to row crop farms. Most farms and ranches need some basic insurance coverage like home, property, vehicles, equipment and liability. That’s where our bundled products start.

What makes Nationwide a good choice for farmers?
“We’re committed to the ag industry; it’s our heritage. We’ve worked with farmers, ranchers and agribusiness professionals for more than a century. We focus on protecting your livelihood and know what it takes to earn your business.”

Recommendations:  “Partner with an insurance company and an agent you trust. You don’t need to be an insurance expert; what you do need is to have the right information from your agent to make the best choices for your operation.”

What is a Farm Certified Agent?
“Nationwide Ag created a one-of-a-kind program for their agents, On Your Side® Farm Certification. The training includes product, risk management, service and ag market material. We get to interact with farm agents from around the country, learning industry best practices we can use right here at home.”
Story and Photo by OFN Staff


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