It’s funny how life brings you full circle and we always end up coming back to our roots.
That’s my family’s story, as we’ve come back to our roots after years away from our home in the Ozarks. 2010 is a year we will always remember because after 10 years of living in Jefferson City, Mo., we moved back to southern Missouri with our son, and my husband and I both started new adventures with our jobs.
I ran into a number of old friends in December at the Missouri Cattlemen’s Convention that I hadn’t seen in years. Some were farmers that I used to sell FFA fruit to during my blue and gold days, show cattle friends and my college and professional friends that I’ve worked with in the industry. While catching up at the convention with a particular friend, I was told, “I heard you were back, about time you came home to your roots.” Yes, I agreed, it was time.
When I was a youngster on the farm I longed for my chance in the big world, my time to tackle life and the chance to become my own person. There were days in college that I would drive out to the McBain Bottoms with friends just to feel as though I was in the country. Somewhere between the thistle pickings and the cattle workings our family farm got a hold of me and finally called my family home.
We forget how truly blessed we are to live in the Ozarks. I’ve traveled throughout this state and my roots lie here for our region’s beauty, economic opportunity, diversified agriculture and friendly faces down every country road. Although we might stray from the path from time to time, we can always come home to our agricultural roots. You can’t pull roots when they run deep, and you can’t find another home like the Ozarks.
I wish you all a blessed and memorable 2011!


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