Management and Care of the Herd Boar

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SOURCE: Mark D. Newcomb, John W. Massey and John Rea
Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri

Reproductive performance of a herd boar depends upon proper care and management. Boars are frequently neglected, especially newly purchased boars en route and after they are brought home. There are essential steps in the care and management of a herd boar that will help eliminate sources of trouble and give you maximum service.

Care in transporting the boar

Take extra care in transporting the boar to minimize sickness and injuries. Even with good management and care, he should not be used until after a minimum 30-day isolation period. The following points should be observed with all breeding herd replacements:

  • Have adequate loading and unloading facilities.
  • Be sure the truck has been cleaned and disinfected.
  • Provide suitable bedding (straw, sawdust, sand, etc.).
  • Provide protection against wind, extreme cold, rain, snow or heat.
  • Do not haul boars that are unfamiliar with each other together or feed heavily before hauling, especially in hot weather.
  • Isolate the boar when you get him home.


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