Nate Harvey

In Town:  Nate Harvey is an assistant buyer for, a position that he’s held for four years. He’s been with the corporate offices of Sam’s Club in Bentonville, Ark., for seven years.

On the farm:  Nate owns Terraqua, a 10-acre homestead on Indian Creek near Anderson Mo. Fruit trees (cherry, apple and peach) were original to the property, and Nate since has added plum, pecan and more peach trees. He plans to add blueberries and raspberries next year. He also raises goats in addition to his specialty crops.

How does your town job complement the farm?
“It helps me appreciate the country life, and I realize how detached most of my peers are from the ‘real life’ and what it takes to put ‘real’ food on the table,” Nate said.

What is the farm’s No. 1 improvement to date?
“The addition of my Pygmy goats and a fenced 3,600-square-foot garden.”

What future improvements do you plan?
“Milk goats, an outdoor wood oven, an attached greenhouse and more native, edible foods are all in the works for the coming years.”

How did you get into farming?
“My parents run Howlin’ Wolf Ranch, a 100-acre horse ranch, and we have had up to 26 horses and do as much vet care ourselves as possible. We also hatch chickens (Banty and Rhode Islands), so I’m use to hard work and taking care of animals,” Nate said.

By Jules Miller


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