The Benton County “Quality Forage” Committee will host the annual Bermuda Hay Contest. The guidelines for participating are:

–  Producers may enter one or more samples, each representing a single harvest period.
–  Entries must be comprised of core samples from multiple bales of a single harvest and variety.
–  Samples must be taken by a representative of the U of A Cooperative Extension Service.
–  Entry fee is $15.00/sample and sample entries must be in-hand by November 5.
–  To improve travel time and efficiency, sampling will be grouped by location as possible.
–  Sample results remain confidential in regards to producer identity, except for award recognition.
–  Call or email Robert Seay, County Extension Agent at 479-271-1060, or [email protected]

The $15.00 per sample entry fee will provide participants: 1 – lab analysis; 2 – invitation to the annual “Quality Forage” program (tentatively scheduled for March 6, 2011); 3 – meal; 4 – door prize drawings, and; 5 – an opportunity to receive one or more hay quality awards. 
Awards will be based on: Hay Color, Highest Protein (CP), TDN, RFV and RFQ by (1) Harvest period and (2) Variety. In addition, producers having the: “Best Overall Sample” and; “Best Overall Sample Average” (for submitting samples from multiple harvests) will be recognized. See category list attached.
Producers having the best hay analysis and visual quality will be encouraged to represent Arkansas, or their home state, at the 2011 AFGC contest in French Lick, Indiana, on June 12-15.


This information was provided by:

Robert Seay
County Extension Agent, Staff Chair
Benton County Extension Service
1204 SW 14th Street, Bentonville, AR  72712
(479) 271-1060
(479) 271-5713
[email protected]


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