Ozark Food Security Summit Held in Springfield, Mo. Oct. 1-2
A group of politicians, business owners, farmers and families came together for a food independence conference, Ozark Food Security Summit. The summit was a call to action for implementing a sustainable regional food supply system.President of the Well Fed Neighborhood Alliance LTD, Ruell Chappell along with former Democratic Lieutenant Governor Joe Maxwell and former Republican Asst. Majority Leader Mark Wright headed up the event of distinguished politicians, business leaders, farmers, and families.


Ruell Chappell said, “The fact is Missourians cannot independently feed themselves and only through a coalition effort of citizens working beyond politics can we fix that. I am pleased Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Wright have agreed to join this monumental cause by providing statesman leadership for their parties and all Missourians. The vision of regional food sustainability means expanding our local economy by growing local food, buying local food and eating local food. Therefore, the initiative of Grow Local-Buy Local-Eat Local will be at the center of restoring food security, independence, jobs, and health for Ozark families. The Food Security Summit will consist of experts explaining how to specifically accomplish this note worthy achievement.”


The Food Summit was dedicated to bringing people together to secure a prosperous future by restoring local security, independence, economy, jobs and health through regional food sustainability.


For more information visit http://news.wellfedneighbor.com/?p=555.


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