Eric Call

In Town:  Eric is a buyer for Sam’s Club in Bentonville, Ark., a position he’s held for four years.

On the farm:  Eric and his wife Liz, along with Eric’s in-laws Bob and Marie Campbell, own the 80-acre Double C Ranch in Anderson, Mo. They bale hay, raise American Red Poll cattle and plan to grow some soybeans.

How does your town job complement the farm?
Being a buyer has taught Eric how to identify good buying opportunities, recognize market fluctuations and capitalize on advantageous buying situations, all of which come into play when expanding and growing a farm.

What is the farm’s No. 1 improvement to date?
The family has focused on fixing fences and gates and baling hay. There is an old farmhouse on the property, which Eric and Liz have started to renovate with the help of Bob, who’s partial to renovating things and keeping them original.

What future improvements do you plan?
Pasture and land management for paid production is key. “We are planning to plant soybeans and bale them for their higher protein and higher yield per bale an acre,” Eric said.

Why did you choose to raise American Red Polls?
Eric said he believes that the breed is one of the most well-rounded, because they are easy to handle, good milkers and have good growth as a beef breed.

By Jules Miller


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