McCurry Trailers & Equipment Inc.

Owners:  Danny and Teresa McCurry
Location:  W. Kearney St., Springfield, Mo.

Company History:  “I saw a need for a trailer store in this area when I wanted to buy a stock trailer and there were so few places to buy one around here. I looked around and found a place to buy them wholesale out of Oklahoma and Texas,” Danny said. “We started this business in 1984, and we’ve been located on Kearney Street the whole time,” Teresa explained.

Products and Services:  Today  McCurry Trailers carries WW Livestock Handling Equipment, Genuine Gooseneck and W-W Stock Trailers, RICE Utility and Flatbed Trailers, truck beds and Coose Trailers, while stocking some accessories. “We service everything we sell,” Danny explained. McCurry Trailers sells to customers all over the United States. “We ranch as well as sell trailers, we understand and use our products,” Teresa said.

How do you stay ahead of the competition?
“We managed to get some top of the line companies and we’ve stuck with them,” Danny said. “We believe in these companies and products,” Teresa said. McCurry Trailers has been named W-W Trailers and WW Livestock Handling Equipment’s top five distributors in the nation for sales. They were also in Genuine Gooseneck’s top 10 distributors for sales. They are currently the No. 1 distributor for RICE Trailers in the nation. “Over the years we have had few employees, but good ones. We currently have a man who manages for us named Terry Irvine. He has been with us for 17 years, he is as good as gold and the customers love him,” Teresa said. 

Business philosophy:  “We believe in the Golden Rule,” Teresa said. “Our customers are very important to us. We establish relationships with them, they’re our friends. Repeat business comes after that. Danny added, “We’ve had people come back who’d purchased a trailer from us over 20 years ago.” Teresa concluded, “I’d like to give the Lord the credit. We have been so blessed.”
By OFN Staff



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