Jon Miller

In Town:  Built-Rite Building is located in Stark City, Mo. Jon Miller, owner, said, “My dad started Built-Rite in 1986, and I worked as a building foreman for him. In 1997 I took over the business full time, and Dad moved up north of Kansas City and is still building. We build spec-in post frame construction metal buildings. We love building ag buildings, like pole barns, hay barns and shops, but also do commercial buildings. We also build a few all-steel buildings. This year we’re scheduled to complete 70 to 80 structures, all within about a 65 mile radius of Neosho. Back in the late ‘90’s, for several years we built 125 a year. So business has slowed down some. We’re not trying to get rich, just make a living with a good product for a reasonable price. Word of mouth carries far, and satisfied customers are our goal with Built-Rite.” One customer is so satisfied that Jon just finished building the 52nd structure for him. The customer’s first building was built by Built-Rite in 1986.

In the Country:  Jon, his wife and four children live in Newton County, halfway between Fairview and Stark City. “My wife, Edna, and I have about 200 acres. We raise Gelbvieh cattle and sell seed stock. Right now we have about 100 head of purebreds. We have a producing female sale in October, and a bull sale in March. I always look forward to the baby calves and taking care of them. When I was growing up we had Gelbvieh cattle, and 6 or 7 years ago I decided to get back into it. The whole family is involved in caring for the cattle. It’s a great break from the everyday grind of building, but when it comes down to it, raising seed stock is still all about customer satisfaction and being fair with customers.”

How do you balance your work at Built-Rite and your cattle operation?
“Real good employees. I have five that work full time. We are set up as a partnership arrangement – and the more buildings we build the better we do. Everybody benefits.”

By Pam Artman


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