Reliable Poultry Supply

Owners:  Johnny Williams, J.L. Flynt, Tim Momont (pictured)
Location:  Green Forest, Ark.

Company History:  The business was formerly known as Barnhill Poultry and owned by Fred Barnhill. Then about two years ago, three employees purchased the business:  Johnny Williams, J.L. Flynt and Tim Momont. Johnny was with Barnhill Poultry for 10 or 15 years, Tim for six years and J.L. for four or five years.
Prior to being a poultry company, the building was first built as a jail. It's been an auto service center and it's also been a bank. Teller windows are still evident in Tim's office.
Tim said, "We have four locations: this store, a store in Springdale, a store in Neosho, Mo. and we have a truss shop in Westville, Okla."

Products and Services:  "We build and equip poultry houses. We are a Chore-Time Equipment distributor. They are the leader in poultry equipment and have been for 50 or 60 years. They are to poultry equipment what John Deere is to ag equipment.
We also do the maintenance. We have seven servicemen and service trucks that go out and do repairs and do our warranty calls," Tim said.

What do you see in the future?
"I think that the poultry integrators are going to keep slowly expanding. Some of the older growers will say, hey, these houses are just too old, I'm too old and I'm just not going to update these houses; I'm going to call it quits, but eventually most of these old houses are going to have to be upgraded or replaced.
Between the turkey and poultry integrators in this part of northwest Arkansas, southwest Missouri and northeast Oklahoma, you're talking about 16,000 poultry houses existing. I think a limited amount of expansion and just the replacement that comes with that many houses will keep us going."    

Anything else you'd like everyone to know?
"Yes. Eat more chicken!"    
By Jack and Pam Fortner


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