Price Milling Co.

Location:  207 South Knoxville Avenue, Russellville, Ark.
Company Officers:  Jack Price, president; son Jay Price (pictured below), vice president; daughter Andrea Looper, vice president; wife Helen Price, secretary; son-in-law John Looper, general manager.
Company History:  The company was established in 1964 when Jack bought a building immediately adjacent to the current location. The “custom-grind operation” opened with an 800-square-foot showroom “and everything else was feed,” Jack recalled. “About six or seven years ago, I said if we are going to make it, we are going to have to change.” So a transition period of about three years followed. The result was a new building that features a showroom of 5,000-square feet. The new building is located exactly seven feet from the original building, Jay said.
Goods & Services:  “We have everything that you need for your plants and animals,” Jack said. In terms of feed, Price Milling carries Purina and Tindle feeds, and has done so for about the last 25 years. There was a Purina Feeds mill located about a block away that helped lead to that business relationship. “And the research Purina does makes them kind of special,” Jack said. In addition, “we have a full line of animal health products for large and small animals and have the largest selection of saddles and tack in this area. You would have to go to Fort Smith or Little Rock to find a larger selection,” Jay said. “We also have a lot of lawn and garden and pet care supplies,” he added. Another valuable commodity offered by the company is experience, Jay explained. “We have 45 years of experience in the field, so we have gained a lot of knowledge in those years.”
Business Philosophy:  “We consider our customers to be our friends,” Jack said. “We depend totally on repeat customers,” Jay said. “We are a low-margin business so you have to have high volume and repeat customers. So whatever it takes to keep the customer happy, that’s what we try to do.”
Whats in the company's future:
“We’re thinking about the future all the time and what we can add and improve upon for our business.”

By Tommy Mumert


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