Names:  Glenn and Kristina Callison
Kids:  Rebekah, Rachel and Seth
Location:  Fire Sweep Ranch, Verona, Mo.

In Town:  Glenn is a chimney sweep inspector and repairman. He works in Lawrence County and the surrounding area. Glenn is also the chief and Kristina is the captain at the Verona Volunteer Fire Department. Kristina is an agriculture education teacher, but is taking this school year off.

In The Country:  Glenn, Kristina and their three children raise seedstock Simmental cattle on their farm in Lawrence County. They also raise horses and cut their own hay for the winter. The kids show the Simmental cattle at fairs and recently won the Reserve Champion cow-calf pair and the Division Champion in the half-blood division at the Ozark Empire Fair. Rebekah was also 11th in the nation at a National Simmental Show in Illinois. The family cultivates a diverse garden and raises chickens, which produce about a dozen eggs a day.

How do you balance life in town and at the farm?
“Very delicately,” Glenn said with a smile. “We put church and family first,” added Kristina, “and we try to keep our priorities in check.” The whole family helps with the chores each morning, including Rebekah taking care of the show cattle and Rachel gathering the eggs. “Glenn’s job allows him to have some flexibility so he can help with things on the farm throughout the day,” said Kristina, “It’s just a matter of managing our time and keeping things balanced where one aspect of our life doesn’t overtake the others.”

Why is it important to raise your kids in the country?
“Our goal has always been to raise children who can give back to the community and learn to live on the land without taking more from the land than it can give,” said Kristina. Glenn added, “We want them to appreciate the values instilled on the farm and be thankful for the blessings that God gave us.”

By Jordan Haymes


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