MFA Agri Services

Location:  1205 Bratton Avenue West Plains, Mo.
Manager:  Dwight Reese
“I started managing at the MFA in Willow Springs and then worked at the Mountain Grove downtown MFA. From there I went to work for the MFA in Ozark and now they’ve brought me back down here. This is home to me. My family is lives south of Cabool and that’s where I’ve grown up, so I’m happy to be back home.”
Company History:  “We are an MFA Incorporated location. There are many across the state and we are part of the South Central Group along with Willow Springs, Mountain Grove, Ava, Houston, Mansfield, Cabool and Birch Tree, with the last three being bulk fertilizer facilities,” explained Dwight.
“MFA was originally started at the local level in the 1920s. There actually used to be an MFA here in West Plains, but it was closed in 1984. The building we are in now was the MFA back in the 70s and early 80s and we had the opportunity to buy it back. We are excited to be in West Plains and are looking forward to a long future.”
Products and Services:  “We sell it all,” he said. “We have feed, seed, fertilizer, farm supplies, lawn and garden needs, animal health products as well as hardware for your farm. We sell gates, corral panels, fencing supplies as well as medications for your livestock. Currently we sell bag and bulk feed here at the West Plains store however, the mill here isn’t running; we bring the feed from Mountain Grove. Our bulk fertilizer plant should be up and running (soon),” he added. “We’re filling it right now and we rent buggies and all the equipment you would need to apply fertilizer yourself.
“We actually have a showroom and store front where you can see most of the products we sell at our store. You can come in for yourself and take a look at the products and decide which one you like best for your needs. We’re here to help if you need us.”
What is the future for the store?
“We’ve had a very positive response and people seem to love the store. Customers are actually thanking us for being here,” he added. “I think our future is going to rock.”
 By Stephanie Moody


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