It’s about that time. Spring is nearly here, and I’m sure many of you already have your early spring veggies planted. This is my annual column encouraging you to look into planting a garden this year. If there’s ever a time to consider more self-sustainability, it’s now. Produce from the garden can supplement meals, adding vitamins and nutrients to our diet, and it can be canned for use after the growing season has ended.
Are you wary of having to manage a garden all by yourself? Encourage your church, FFA chapter or 4-H group to pitch in and manage a garden together. Produce can even be sold to help raise funds for the group. Extra produce can be donated to local food distribution charities for those in need.
The benefits of a garden are innumerable. Time spent in the garden is time getting back to nature. It’s time spent cultivating the fruits of the Earth, and time working next to your children or friends.
I attended the Farmers’ Market conference in Springfield, Mo., a few days ago. Watch next issue for a report on getting into the swing of things in your own backyard garden, not to mention marketing products from your farm at the local farmers' markets. I know when it comes to gardening, I need all the help I can get.
This is a great year to garden. If you need help like me, I’ll be posting lots of helpful links on our website. Check them out. Write me letters and let me know your progress and pitfalls in the gardens and fields. Send me some recipes that use your favorite homegrown veggies.
Spring is right around the corner and I am so excited for this season of winter to be over and life to spring into action again around the Ozarks.
God Bless,


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