Stull Feeders

Owners:  Randy and Cathy Stull and the Stull Family

Location:  Harrison, Ark.  

How long have you been in business?
“We raise turkeys for Butterball and have 100 head of beef cattle. Cathy works at Christenson’s Funeral Home in Harrison, Ark. The feeder business has been about a two and a half year project. It took one and a half years to get a patent pending.  It is now a patented product. We are a family operated business and began selling feeders in August 2007, and have sold 200 units.”

How did your business come about?
“I got hurt feeding cattle. They (cows) got excited and messed up one of my shoulders and some ribs. After all the medical bills and what not, I thought ‘This isn’t going to happen to me again.’ So, I made a feeder for myself, not even thinking there wasn’t something out there like it. My family encouraged me to pursue it. We have hired a local metal fabricator to do the actual metal work for us. We just do strictly the orders and shipping from here at the house.”

Describe the product line.
“It is a gravity flow cattle feeder that mounts on ATVs and UTVs. The standard unit has a 200 lb. capacity, and the added extension makes it have a 400 lb. capacity. The feeder is designed to sit over the rear axle so you don’t have to worry about the back tipping or anything like that. The extension is not recommended for 4-wheelers because it is too heavy. The feeders have a four bolt mount and weigh about 100 pounds when empty. The basic units run $395. I wanted something that I could afford, because I am a farmer, too. My main concern is to be able to design something that is feasible for the farmer that works well and doesn’t cost that much. The feeder is simple because it is gravity flow. And, as far as I know, gravity is still free.”


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