Name: Sarah Dampier

In Town: Sarah cuts hair and is the owner of Fusion salon. Her salon is set up side-by-side with four other hair dressers and one nail technician in a restored building on Commercial Street in Lebanon, Mo. Sarah has been cutting hair for one year.

In The Country: Sarah’s dad has professionally trained Fox Trotting horses since he was in high school, along with his brother. Both sides of Sarah’s family, as far back as three generations is involved with fox trotters. Sarah said she works and shows foxtrotters, along with her two younger brothers. “We work the horses all year round, and we work with them and show them most in the summer,” Sarah said. Her show schedule will depend upon which horses are ready for showing.

Family: Parents, Steve and Tracy Dampier, brothers, Joe, 19, and Josh, 11 years old.

How do you balance the salon and the horses?
“Since I’m self-employed my job is extremely flexible. If there’s a show I want to take off for, and I know early enough in advance, I can. I work in the day and work the horses at night. It takes a lot of discipline.”

Why have you chosen to stay involved in agriculture?
“I’ve been working with horses since I could walk. I love it. It’s a family thing, I’ve given up a lot of things over the years, sports when I was younger, to make time for this. I guess it’s just in our blood.”

How would you like to improve your work with your horses?
“My dad taught me everything I know. Hanging out with him more would help me because he truly is the best in the business. He’s dedicated and he has a natural eye for this.”


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