Name: Katie Williams
Parents: Lynn and Cindy Williams
School: Fair Play High School
FFA Advisor: Randy Lightfoot

How are you involved in agriculture?
I have sheep, goats, chickens, beef cattle and bees for my SAE project. I also work with my parents in the greenhouse located on the farm. I like chickens the most. I started with just two chickens and now I have two chicken houses. The two sheep I have are Montadales and we chose them because they are pretty hardy and they are dual purpose animals. I just got started on the Boer goats and plan on selling them at market and to individuals soon. Right now, I have nine goats, but I have a nanny that is about to have kids. I am also the Sentinel in the Fair Play FFA and am involved in livestock judging.

Who has been your biggest influence agriculturally?
My dad is my biggest influence. He is involved in agriculture and even more so since he retired. We got the beef cows and then we went to smaller animals. We grow flowers for Evangel College. We all work in the greenhouse. My FFA advisor is also very precise and expects a lot from the students.     

What are your plans for the future?
I plan to go to college for an animal science degree and expand on the goat/sheep operation. I am going to start a chicken hatchery. I will start incubating soon to get more chickens on the way. I usually sell chickens and the other animals through the Bolivar sale barn and to individuals. The chickens do well and pay for themselves.

What does your normal day consist of?
When I am not in school, I feed the animals and check on all of them. I also wash a lot of eggs. I am up to around 54 chickens now. I also help my dad with the greenhouse operation. We sell flowers and plants to Evangel for their landscaping.  In the spring it gets pretty hard.  Right now I am in school and our dairy contest team is going to state. We have a very involved FFA advisor. FFA is my favorite part about school.

By Josh Steele


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